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Using Rules to Set an Agent Out of Office

Overview When your agents are out of the office, you can set an Inbound Interaction Rule so any replies to their cases will be set as unassigned and other members of your team can reply. Alternativ...

Creating a custom notification template

Overview When you're using Notifications for things like notifying agents of new interactions, sometimes the system default notification isn't quite what you're looking for. For those situations, y...

Using Regular Expressions in Rules

Overview Prerequisites Familiarity with using Regular Expression. In business rules, it's sometimes necessary to match patterns rather than a static string. By selecting the "Use Regular Expres...

Add a Chat Form to Your Site

Overview The Chat widget adds a chat button anywhere on your existing website, or embeds the ability to chat within your Customer Support Center. Beyond Desk, the Chat Widget can be added...

Identifying Keywords in Business Rules

Using Subject and Body Keywords in Business Rules gives you powerful features to select cases by using a Keyword or several Keywords. By using "All" Conditions (Logical AND conditions) or...

Kill Spam the Ninja Way

Overview While relies on your mail server for spam detection, sometimes spam slips through the cracks and in those cases it's important to handle it quickly and efficiently. This examp...

Send Automatic Reminders to Customers

For whatever reason, sometimes your customers forget to respond to emails. Thankfully, with you can send an automatic follow-up to let them know that you are going to resolve their case or to...

Using Liquid in your Macro Response (Classic)

Overview Within your macros, you can use Liquid, a templating language, to create personalized responses to your customers. If you're not familiar with Liquid, see List of Liquid Variables. Liq...

OpenSSL HeartBleed Vulnerability Update

On April 7, the OpenSSL Project released an update to address a vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed”. The vulnerability affects a substantial number of applications and services running on the Intern...

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