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Setting up a Holiday Auto Response

Overview If your office is closed for a holiday (or any other reason), you may want to setup an auto response (or auto-acknowledgement, as we call them in Desk) to let your customers know. This can b... Two-Factor Authentication

Overview Two-factor authentication is a security method that requires two components to log in.'s implementation of two-factor authentication requires a password and a security code genera...

Setting a Label on Cases Created by the Email Form

Overview When customizing an email form you have the option to add a label field to the form. That way, when cases are submitted they already contain a specific label. This field can be selected by...

Reply Theme Gallery & Code

If you are looking to a little more style, or strip back your Reply Theme, then you're in the right place. Below you will find some options, along with the code needed to use these in your own Reply T...

Troubleshooting Private Access Logins

You may get reports from your customers or end users that they cannot log in using private access. They may see an invalid password message like the one below: You should verify that they are using ...

How to handle Spam in Q&A

From time to time you may notice some Spam Questions or Answers come through your site. Understandably, you don't want customers to have to wade through spam to find the information they need in the Q...

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