As of March 13, 2020, the product is retired and no longer accessible.

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Using Google Analytics on your Support Center

Using Google Analytics is one of the best ways to get under the hood of your website. You can learn more about who your users are, how they arrived at your website, and much more about how they’re int...

Adding translated content to your Support Center

In order to translate your Topics and Articles into different languages, you will first need to set up Multilingual support. Once you’ve added one or more languages to your Support Center, yo...

Using Snippets in

Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or above. What are Snippets? Snippets are custom text variables that let you manage standard text or messaging with one variable. If you've done some codin...

Clickable URLs in Q&A

If you'd like to make all URLs in your Q&A threads clickable links, paste the following code into your Help Center template in the Header section. <script src="https://desk-customers.s3.ama...

Importing Existing Articles via RSS

When creating your Support Center, you may want to consider importing previously created articles in bulk, rather than entering them all manually. Currently, supports importing arti...

Add Video and Images to your Support Center

Embedding Videos To start embedding videos, you first need to have scripting enabled (whitelisted). To do this, email and request scripting enablement for your site. Once scriptin...

View Knowledge Base Content as an RSS feed

Overview Tracking updates to your Support Center articles is crucial to maintaining a first-class knowledge base. offers a great way to efficiently track revisions to tens or hundreds of art...

Tuning Support Center Search Results

Your Support Center search searches the content of the "Subject" and "Body" of the public articles as well as the Keywords associated with it. The results are sorted by relevance that is determined by...

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