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Consistent Knowledge Base Article Styling

Please Note: removes ALL STYLING from Articles when you add them to a Case. This is because responses in and out of Desk do not support HTML or CSS. The info below is only for Article styling...

Customizing Knowledge Base Articles with HTML

For security reasons we now validate which elements we allow to be inserted into the Support Center articles. The HTML elements we currently allow are: a b blockquote br caption cite code...

Add Your Twitter feed to The Support Center

Overview This article shows how to add a Twitter feed to your Support Center so you can display activity from your feed to your customers. Steps Log in to your Twitter page, click your Profile ...

How to set up multiple brands in

.article-content img { border: 1px solid #ccc; } If you have multiple products or brands and want to have separate Support Centers and private access portals (including My Cases) for each, all withi...

Tracking Searches using Google Analytics

This article assumes you've already set up Google Analytics for your support center. If you haven't already, here's a link to our Google Analytics - Getting Started article. We'll wait here until you'...

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