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Mini Workflows

Mini Workflow: Require a Custom Field

Overview To continuously improve your customer support process, it's important to learn what types of inquiries are frequently submitted by your customers. With the combination of Custom Fields and...

Mini Workflow: Follow-up Reminders

Overview provides powerful workflow options to simplify following up with customers. One method is creating a Time Rule to reopen cases after a specified period of time. Steps To dev...

Mini Workflow: VIPs

Overview Sometimes you have VIP customers that have higher priority or that require certain escalations. This article describes a way to setup Desk to automatically manage those workflows. Firstly,...

Mini Workflow: Turn a bad CSat into a great one

Overview With the Desk CSat functionality, you can measure how well you're doing with your customers. But you can also take advantage of the CSat Submitted Rule which runs every time a customer r...

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