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video:: iOS App

This new version of the iOS mobile app is available in the iTunes App Store and uses our Next Generation Agent UI. See more information about the iOS app.

video:: Overview of Multilingual Support allows you to provide Multilingual Support with different, translated versions of your Support Center content for up to 53 different languages. Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or ab...

video:: Overview of Split Cases

In this video we show you how offers the ability to "split" a Case into multiple Cases, allowing for better Agent collaboration and refined reporting. To read more about this see our Article ...

video:: Configuring Case Filters

This video will walk you through configuring Case Filters to group and organize customer requests. For written instructions, please see Case Filters.

video:: Filter-Based Routing

Overview Filter-based routing combines the power of filters with the efficiency of case routing, allowing agents to specify the cases routed by their existing filters. This allows agents to focus ...

video:: Overview of the Classic Agent Console

This video gives an overview of the Agent and explains how to respond to customers. More info: Getting to know the Case Management Tab The lifecycle of a Case Using ca...

video:: Setting up Email

Overview This video will walk you through how to add your mailbox to to receive and send emails. For a quicker setup, check out our mailbox integration. If you prefer to foll...

How to Grant Account Login Access to Salesforce

Salesforce Support may ask you to Grant Login Access in order to assist you with your question, issue, or request. The Support Agent can log into the environment using your login to troubleshoot and f...

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