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How are Flex Agents billed?

Flex Agents use Flex hours, which are pre-paid in bundles on a monthly basis. Depending on how many you or your Admin have pre-paid, their cost varies. The actual usage of Flex Agents is based on the...

How do I add a new Full Time Agent?

How you'll add a new Agent will vary based on the plan you're on and the access level you have. So let's start by heading to the Billing area to check. In the top right corner of your Admin area, you...

How do I add a new Flex Agent?

Adding a new Flex Agent requires that you're a Billing Administrator, as adding a Flex Agent will change your monthly billing. To get started, head to the Team section in your Admin. Click Add User ...

How do I cancel my account?

How you cancel will vary based on how you signed up. If you signed up through or through an Account Executive at, you can cancel online. This requires Billing Administrator access t...

Can I get a refund after I cancel my account?

Upon canceling your account, your membership with will stay active for the remainder of the period you've paid for. Since your account remains active for the duration of the time you have pa...

How do I switch from monthly billing to annual?

The Billing Administrator will need to navigate to Admin Panel > Billing > Customize Plan to switch to annual billing. If you signed up through or through an Account Executive a...

How do I switch from annual billing to monthly?

If you make your credit card payment directly within the Admin under Admin Panel > Billing, then in order to switch from Annual payments to Monthly Billing, you will need to send in a requ...

How to change company details on invoices?

If you need to change your company details on your invoice, such as Company name or address, please submit a case to our support team and they will process this change for you. This may take some time...

How do I switch from credit card to check payments?

To pay with check instead of credit card, we will need to issue you an updated contract. Please contact your Salesforce Account Executive in order to process this change. If you do not have a Salesfo...

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