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Agent Time Tracker

The Agent Time Tracker is a Canvas application that adds a time tracker to cases. It allows you to start and stop the timer with background updates every minute. Note: Some Heruko plans are n...

Show Related Articles in Case View

Related Articles search is a Canvas application that allows users to search for case-relevant articles by using search terms. Administrators and agents can employ precise terms in the query, ...

Similar Cases

Similar Cases is a Canvas application that allows you to search for similar cases by providing them with a search terms. Administrators can employ precise terms in the query, ensuring efficie...

Integrating Your Dropbox Account with

Overview Dropbox Canvas is a application that allows you to upload, download, and share files to and from your account. Note: 20mb is the default attachment limit in Desk, but...

Preview Textile in the Next Gen Agent using Canvas

This is an example Canvas application that previews Textile formatting in the Next Gen Agent. This application pulls the Agent's draft, converts the textile and then displays it in the Canvas...

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