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video:: Admin I (Basics) - Video + Slides

Are you a new administrator looking for a quick way to get setup with Desk? Learn the essentials for configuring your team, custom fields, inbound rules, and filters. Slides used during the ...

video::Admin II (Advanced) - Video + Slides

Are you a new administrator looking for more advanced setup options with Desk? Take the next step and join us in this webinar to explore more additional contact channels, advanced rules, Busi...

video::The Admin Overview

Now that you're ready to get stared with, check out some recommended resources to dive deeper into the Admin Console: Register for an upcoming Admin webinar or click here for an Admin Webi...

video:: Setting Up Your Outbound Mailbox

This video will walk you through Outbound Mailbox setup. If you'd prefer step by step instructions see this page. Additionally, visit the Desk Video Support page for more great video content.

video:: Creating Case Filters

This video will walk you through configuring's Case Filters to group and organize customer requests. To read the knowledge article, check out Case Filters. Visit the Desk Video Support pag...

video:: Creating Case Rules

Learn about setting up rules to perform automated actions within Desk. Rules automate your workflows and help agents avoid repetitive tasks. For written instructions, please see Rules.

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