My Company's Cases

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You can enable your customers to view all the cases that individuals in their company have open with your organization. Customers will be able to track the status of all cases that their company has submitted. First, you need to make sure you have Private Portal enabled (You can find instructions for doing that here. )

Note: This does not allow your customers to edit each others cases. They may view them but not edit them. It is not possible to edit each others company cases at the time being.

Enabling My Company's Cases

Once you've enabled Private Portal, go back to your Admin Panel and go to Channels > Private Portal. You then need to toggle "My Company's Cases" to "On" 

You also have an option of selecting which customers can view all their company's cases. You can either enable it for all customers, or change it to "Authorized Customers Only".

If you enable the "Authorized Customers Only" option, your agents will have the ability to select which customers are able to view all the cases for their company. In order to do this: 

1. Open a Case from a customer. 
2. Click on the "Customer" tab. 
3. Check the "Can Access Company Cases" box. 

By default, all customers will have the "Can Access Private Portal" checkbox selected, but not the "Can Access Company Cases". 

Customers that do have Company Case permissions will have an option of viewing their cases or all company cases when they access the "My Cases" section of your Support Center: