Erasing Personal Information

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Note: there is a Next Generation version of this article available. See Erase Case Content.

​With you're able to allow users (with the correct permissions) to delete customer communications that contain personal information such as financial information and social security numbers. That way they're erased from your cases and won't be visible in replies or when viewing the case.

If a customer has sent you information that shouldn't be exposed, right from the case view you'll be able to remove it. Go to the case and then click on "Erase".

Erasing content from a case

Once "Erase" has been clicked you'll see the message replaced by a note saying the content was erased and when it was erased.

Content after it's been erased

Allowing Agents to Erase Content

To enable agents to be able to erase content:

Step 1: Go to AdminCasesAgents

Step 2: Go to the "Erase Content" section and choose who should be allowed to erase content. Administrators can limit access to no one, a specific group, or an individual.  By default, this feature is turned off.

Erase Content Permissions