Creating a Phone Case

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Overview includes a Phone channel which allows you to create or log Phone cases. For example, when an agent receives a call, they can create a case for the customer to log the call and also enter notes relating to the call.

When referring to calls here, these would be support related calls received on your agent's land line, mobile phone or in most cases, your support telephony system. In some cases, outgoing calls are made to customers and you can create a case to log those calls too. also integrates with a number of CTI telephony providers, which allows agents to make and also receive calls, directly within the Agent panel. To find out more about this feature and a list of supported providers, please have a look at this article here

For the purpose of this article, we will cover only the enablement of the Phone channel and how to go about creating a Phone case without the integration mentioned above.

Enabling the Phone Channel

Before you can create Phone cases, we will need to enable this channel first in Admin. By default, this channel is already enabled.

1. Navigate to Admin > Channels > Phone

2. Toggle Phone Calls Enabled to "On" and click Update.


Creating a Phone Case in the Agent Console

1. Click the "New" (+) button in the top right corner of the Agent console.

2. Choose Phone from the channel types.

3. Enter the customer's name or email, then select the customer from the list.

4. If the customer does not exist, create a new customer.

5. Click the Create Case button to create the case.

6. Once the case is created, you can enter information or the purpose of the call in the Log This Call text box. This is beneficial to capture all the case information and also summarize the customer conversation. Notes about the case can also be added to share with your agents internally.


7. Click Log Call at the end of the conversation to set the case status to Pending, or Log Call & Resolve if the issue was resolved to resolve the case.