Setting up Chat

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The Chat Channel is enabled by default. Visitors to your support site have the option to click a link to start a chat session with your agent.

Enable or disable the chat feature

  1. From the Admin Panel, go to Channels > Chat > Advanced Settings

  1. Toggle the "Chat Enabled" option on or off as desired. This adds or removes the Chat link from your Support Center page automatically.
Note: If you want to disable the Captcha option from your form, you will need to reach out to support. Keep in mind that this setting is global for both chat and email, so disabling it would disable it on all of your chat and email forms, not just chat forms.

Selecting messages to appear

From the same Channels > Chat > Advanced Settings screen, determine which messages are displayed in your chat.

You can also edit the system text used for those messages by going to Admin > Content > Snippets.

Modify the transcript email

When a chat session ends, your customer has the option to receive a transcript of the chat conversation. If you want to modify that email you'll want to go to the "Transcript Themes" section of your chat channel and then add a new theme. This is found under Admin > Channels > Chat > Transcript Themes.

Custom Transcript Theme

If you would like to use our custom theme for your transcript theme, you'll find the necessary code for this here: Custom Chat Transcript Theme

For more information on how to use Chat as an Agent, how to route Chat cases and how to direct Chat to Email, see the related articles below for help.

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