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Deleting Attachments from Your Cases

Last Updated: May 13, 2013 10:56AM PDT

Customers can add attachments to their inquiries using either the email form - as displayed below - or by submitting an email having attachments to a monitored mailbox.

Deleting an Attachment from a case
If you'd like to delete any attachments added by customers to a case, mouse over the case reply and the option to delete attachments will be displayed. Click the paperclip icon to delete one or more attachments from the case.

A dialog will allow you to pick one or more attachments to delete from the case, as in the following display:

Delete case attachments automatically using an Interaction Rule
If you prefer to delete all attachments from cases automatically using a rule, you can automate this process by configuring your rule as in the screen shot below.

In this example, all inbound attachments are removed from a specific mailbox for security reasons.