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Desk.com offers a highly-customizable chat widget that you can place onto any webpage. With the click of a button, a fully functional chat will pop up, putting your customers in direct contact with your support team without ever leaving the page.


You can initiate your chat pop-up however you like. Included in this demo (and the code below) are three styles: a button, a left side tab, and a bottom tab. You'll be able to see the example buttons on this page, one below, one at the left side of the page, and one at the bottom right.

Chat Demo Chat Demo Chat Demo

Setup instructions

Use this two step process to add a Desk.com chat widget to your help center or company homepage.

  1. Enable chat using this quick guide.
  2. Paste the widget code into your website. Be sure to replace "YOUR-SITE" with your Desk site name.