Setting Up Routing and Alerts for Chat Cases

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Note: This article explains case routing setup for both the Next Generation and Classic Agent console.


This article shows how to use the routing feature to prioritize your chat cases so that they get immediate attention from agents and don't sit in your queue waiting to be picked up. These instructions will explain how to set your Chat cases up with Case Routing by Filter, so that your agents get a notification with an audible alert, on screen, when a new Chat case is received.

1. Go to Admin > Cases > Agents. Set Case Routing to By Case Filter. Click Update to save.

2. Next, create a filter to display only new Chat cases. Navigate to AdminCases > Filters. Using the Add 'All' Condition dropdownsconstruct the statement as Status is New and Channel is Chat. Make sure to select Allow Routing and Enabled before updating.

3. Head over to your agent screen. You will see a "Play" button next to your chat filter. When you see the play button, that means the Routing by Filter is turned off and needs to be turned on.

4. When you turn it on, you will see the "Pause" button. If you want to turn off routing you would hit the pause button.

5. You can control the sounds and the screen-pop in each Agent's settings. From the upper right dropdown, go to Setting > Sounds and activate the screen-pop and message settings.

6. Open a separate browser window and navigate to your Support Center. Create a Chat case to test the routing functionality. Shortly after, you should get a screen-pop and audio alert for the test Chat case that you just created.


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