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If you have multiple products or brands and want to have separate Support Centers and private access portals (including My Cases) for each, all within the same account, Multi-Brand is just what you're looking for. There are multiple different ways you could use this feature including:

  • A parent company creating different Support Centers for different brands
  • A company creating unique Support Centers for each of their products
  • A global company creating a separate Support Center for each of their geographic regions

Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or above.

While we call it a "brand" it's really just a way of organizing your account so you can have multiple Support Centers, set up however you need them to be. For each brand, you can specify unique web themes, private access areas (with associated email themes), and advanced settings. You can also organize your content topics and articles by brand. All of these features work together to give you the ability to create complete Support Centers that can have a look specific to your brands (or products, or companies, etc.) and that can contain content specific to the brand.

How to:

Enable Multi-Brand
Add a new brand
Find information about your brands
Create themes and content specific to your brand
Share a theme across multiple brands

Enabling Multi-Brand

To enable Multi-Brand you'll want to go to Admin > Settings and toggle the Multi-Brand setting to "On" and then click "Update". 

Adding a Brand

Once the feature is enabled and you're ready to add a second brand, go to the Brand Overview page and click on Add Brand.

Note: The Pro Plan allows up to 3 brands. The Business Plan allows unlimited brands.

A window will pop up enabling you to add your brand name. 

You can add your brand logo using a 100x100 px logo.


Finding Information About Your Brands

Once you've enabled the Multi-Brand feature, you'll be able to go to the Channels area of your Admin interface and see a new section called "Brand Overview". This section will show you all of your brands and their settings as well as enable you to edit the brand information.

If you have more than one brand, you'll be able to use the brand-selector drop down at the upper right part of the window  to choose the brand you wish to view and edit. You'll use that selector throughout the Channels area to select the brand you want to edit.

Creating Themes and Content Specific to Your Brands

Now that you have multiple brands set up in your account, it's time to configure the multiple Support Centers that go along with them.

Your Support Center URLs
Advanced Settings
Web Themes
Private Access
Topics and Articles

Your Support Center URLs

Since Multi-Brand allows you to have multiple separate Support Centers, you'll also have multiple URLs for your customers to be able to view the separate content. Your original web address will be the URL for your initial brand and each brand added afterwards is given a URL that you can use, but you can also add a custom domain separately for each brand. Rather than your Support Center URL being, it could be and

To access those URL settings, you'll go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Advanced Settings.
In this example, the first brand and the regular account web address is You could add in a custom domain into the "Custom" field and add in the associated CNAME record to your DNS, and use that instead.

For your additional brands, you'll want to use the brand-selector in the top right corner and choose the brand you want to edit.

The second brand in this example has a provided URL of . The "Web Address" allows you to set up a custom domain for the brand and use it instead of the temporary URL.

Advanced Settings

In addition to setting your URL, each setting under Admin > Channels > Support Center > Advanced Settings is specific to the brand. This includes the settings for our Multilingual feature

Select the brand you want to edit from the brand-selector drop down, change your settings as needed, and save. Each brand requires its own set of advanced settings.

Web Themes

You can create web themes that are specific to your brands.  Web themes enable you to style the entire support center and private portal to fit your brand. You'll access these by going to Admin > Channels >  Support Center > Web Themes. From there you can add new themes or edit your existing themes. Like with other settings, you switch between brands using the brand-selector in the top right corner.

Private Access

Private Access allows customers to privately access their cases via authentication to your Support Center. Here, they may view existing cases, interact with cases, or submit new cases.

You can enable Private Access for one or more of your brands by going to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Private Access and checking the brand names you want Private Access enabled for. 

Adding Topics and Articles


You add topics and articles under Admin > Content > Topics. When you have multiple brands set up you'll be able to specify what brand or brands each topic will show up under. ​

When you create a topic you can specify that it show under just 1 brand or all of your brands. If you have a category for specific information about your company, you could choose to have it show up under all of your brands.​ Alternately you can selectively choose to show topics only for select brands. 

On the topics page you'll be able to switch between brands and see what topics are visible on each brand.


Articles are added and edited at Admin > Content > Articles. Like topics you can specify what brand each article shows up under. You can also specify that the article inherits the brand setting from the topic, so that if the topic is added to an additional brand the article automatically will be as well.

Share a theme across multiple brands

To share a theme across all your brands, click the Share button next to an existing theme. Once shared, a theme can be enabled as Default across all brands.

Using a shared theme across multiple brands allows you to manage your support center codebase within a single theme.

If you wish to differentiate brands without creating a separate theme per brand, you can use liquid logic within your single theme. 

Private Access and CNAMES for Multi-Brand

Using a combination of Custom Domain Names (CNAME Records) and Private Access with multi-brand requires the purchase and installation of an SSL certificate for each brand.