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The Agents Report in Business Insights provides metrics around your agent's overall performance. In this report, you will be able to see metrics for all your agents and from this report, you can also narrow down your reports to specific agents only, either by navigating to the Agent Details Report or Case Level Report.

Agent Reports are based on actions performed by a specific agent. For example, if you're looking at the number of Outbound Interactions, the interactions will be credited to the agent who sent those outbound interactions even if they are no longer assigned to the case.

Sites on the Pro plan and above will default to the Dashboard Report. Otherwise, you should see the Overview Report instead. To access this report, click on the Dashboard Report or Overview Report drop-down menu, then select Agents. You may also want to set the date range for the reporting period, next to the report type drop-down menu.

Once the report loads, you will see a graph for each channel type that you can selectively turn on or off by clicking the Channel names at the top of the graph, just as in the Overview report. You can also isolate a single channel by clicking on that channel's bar within the bar chart. Below the graph in the report, you will find a list of your agents with their individual metrics, including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings if this is already enabled for your site. To enable the CSAT feature, have a look at this article here.


By clicking the right facing arrow in the metrics headings, you can change the page to the second set of metrics. Once you're on that second page the arrow will now face left and you can click it to go back.


If you want to see a graph showing only certain agents you can selectively choose which agents are enabled. In the list of agents, you can click the row number to disable or enable those agent statistics. A disabled agent Naaman Ho, for example, will have its row lightened as below.

You can also click each column heading to sort your report by that metric. You'll see the graph adjust to focus on those specifics sets of statistics. The example below has been sorted by Agent Replies Per Resolve.

You can click on any of the metrics in the table and the Case Level Report will load to display the specific cases that were used to calculate that metric, for that agent. You will be able to click on the column headers to sort the report by that specific metric, and you can also click the case ID to load that case in the Agent.

Alternatively, you can click on a specific agent's name and the Agent Details Report will load and show only the specific agents overall metrics for the time period selected. Again, you'll be able to click on the column headings and sort the report by that specific metric, including the case ID to load that case in the Agent.

Once you’ve configured your report to the way you want it (date range, channels, graphed metrics), you can Save Reports as Favorites by clicking the bookmark button in the upper-right corner. This will allow you to retrieve that specific report at any time in the future with just a few clicks. You can also create a Folder to place your saved favorite reports to.

Once a report is saved, you will find it at the bottom of the main drop down menu:

The Export & Share functionality is found next to Favorites. For Export & Share, click the arrow down button in the upper left corner of the report:

This feature allows you to access your report data outside of Desk, for example to be used in a spreadsheet or emailed to an external user. Export & Share includes 3 options:
  1. Download CSV: Allows you to download a .csv file of the report data
  2. Email Report: Allows you to directly email out a .csv file of the report data to one or more recipients. You can also include a Message to be included with the report you are sending out
  3. Link to Report: Allows you to copy the direct URL for the report, so you can send it to other users and allow them to see the report with your exact configurations for date range, channel type etc.
Before we wrap this up, a few final notes to keep in mind. Agent Reports do not include how many open cases each Agent currently has. To review this, you would want to do an advanced search in the Agent to view live cases by status. Another note is that CSAT ratings can be reviewed from the Agents report, but is not available to run as a separate CSAT report.


Want to know more about the metrics covered in our Agents report? Check out our Metrics Glossary.