Forwarding Email From Other Email Providers

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Overview provides you with an email address (e.g., that you can use without setting up mail servers or finding an email provider. However, this article shows how to add an existing email address from your own domain.

In this article:

Switch a "From" or "Reply-To"

If you want to use your own domain, you have two options:

  • You can keep the "From" address we provide, but manually set your "From Name" and "Reply-To Address" to be your own domain. With this option, you send emails from your address, but your customers will see your company name and will reply to the support address you set.
  • You can set your "From Address" to be your own domain rather than just using the "Reply-To Address", however you need to authenticate the domain before it can be used.

Setting the "Reply-To" is a quick way to ensure your customers contact the correct address, but doesn't fully brand the emails as coming from your domain. Setting the "From Address" will fully brand your emails, but does require the technical know-how to add records to your DNS.

Switch Your Address

Set the "From Name" and "Reply-To Address"

If you choose to leave the "From Address" as your address but set your "From Name" and "Reply-To Address" to reflect your company, go to AdminSettings ​> Outbound Mailboxes. Click the pencil icon next to your address.

In the prompt, edit the "From Name" and "Reply-To" fields. Leave the "From Address" field as-is with the address.

Change the "From Name" and "From Address"

If you want to fully switch your "From Address" and brand the emails as coming from your domain, you'll first want to talk to your Account Executive or our Support Team. When setting your own "From Address" you'll want to authenticate your email domain. Follow the instructions in our Support Center and add the authentication records first or talk to your Account Executive about skipping that step.

Once you've added the authentication records and they've been verified, or if you've chosen to skip the authentication step, go to Admin > Settings > Outbound Mailboxes. Click the pencil icon next to your address.

On the screen that pops up you'll edit the "From Name" and "From Address" fields. Don't fill out the "Reply-To" unless you want customers to reply to a different address.

How Do I Forward My Email?

To forward your email you need to set up forwarding in your email account. This isn't something you set up in The exact process will depend on your email provider or mail server. We have some specific examples below. You can also check out the video, Setting Up Forwarding to Your Email Address

Outlook & Exchange

To forward your email using Outlook hooked into an Exchange server, you can set up a redirect rule. To do so, follow the instructions in Microsoft Outlook 2007: Automatically forward my messages to another e-mail account.

Another option is to set up email forwarding on your Exchange mailbox as follows:

  • Create a Contact in Active Directory with your address.
  • Enable forwarding on in the user properties in Active Directory.

For detailed instructions, refer to "How to configure a mailbox to forward mail to a mail-enabled contact" from Microsoft. 


If you are using Gmail, you can use the instructions here to forward your email to your address. Once you've completed the initial forwarding steps in Gmail, you'll be sent an email to verify. This will be found in your account as a case.

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