Why Desk.com Mail is Awesome

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What is Desk Mail?

Desk Mail is a dedicated support email address Desk.com makes for you that is completely integrated. By using Desk Mail, we’ve made it easier than ever to get all of your customer support emails into Desk.com to quickly and easily respond to all your customer questions and issues.

I'm so excited - I'm a brand new Desk.com customer

Easy, Easy, Easy

Tired of not having a dedicated support email address? We’ll give you one! By following just a couple of intuitive, easy steps, we will create a dedicated email address specifically for your support requests that come in to Desk.com.

 “But Desk, email worked great before! I've been a customer for a while now”

We’re glad you think so! We liked it too, so we’re still leaving you the option of keeping your own email address and having Desk.com pull from it. However, this new way has so many benefits, we hope you’ll consider making the switch:

Superfast - Desk Mail Gets Rid of Delays

Desk.com email makes sending and receiving customer interactions faster than ever before. Since emails do not need to go through a separate account (Gmail to Desk.com) there are virtually no delays! No more waiting for an incoming email or refreshing the page. Rest assured that your responses are going back to the customer in the blink of an eye.

No More Configuration Headaches!

The headaches of the past will be history. No more trouble with login credentials or trying to remember passwords long forgotten. Also, any firewalls your company has set up will not affect the Desk.com email address saving you headaches - most notably, white-listing IP addresses or troubleshooting server and relay errors.

Desk Mail also fixes minor annoyances that you may have encountered in the past. By using the email address provided to you, no longer are you constrained by the quota of your outlook mailbox. Send and receive as many emails as you want - you’ll never run into a limit! Also, with the ability to have a separate support mailbox dedicated to Desk, you can use your existing email as you always have, without Desk.com marking those emails as read.

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