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Your Support Center, in addition to providing your customer with easy access to valuable information, is also an online community for your customers to exchange information. It important that it represents your company's image and style.


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  1. Customizing Fonts, Colors, & Layout
  2. Editing Default Text
  3. Setting up your Own Domain


Customizing Fonts, Colors & More

 You can change all the colors on your Support Center site, as well as the fonts used throughout - without ever having to do any complicated HTML. Here’s how:

Customizing Fonts & Colors

With some basic HTML skills, you can go beyond the customizations described above and make your Support Center look however you want. With the Advanced Template Editor, you have the tools to customize layout, background, contact form, and a lot more. Here’s how:

Advanced Template Editor


Editing Default Text

Desk.com’s default Support Center uses Snippets for bits of text visible throughout the site. You can easily change words like “Contact Us” and your error messages to match the language that’s consistent with your brand. Here’s how:

Using Snippets in your Support Center

You can also easily change the name of your Support Center from the generic “Support Center” header to anything you want. Here’s how:

Changing your Support Center Header

Setting up your Own Domain

To provide your customers with a consistent experience with your company, you can change the URL of your Support Center to be your own domain. For example, you could set up your website with a domain like http://support.yourwebsite.com, which will automatically pull in and integrate http://yoursite.Desk.com. Here’s how:

Using your Own Domain Name




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