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Case Level Report

The Case Level report displays metrics relating to individual cases or tickets.  It is a drill-down report which provides individual case or ticket specific metrics, instead of the averages or total counts you would normally get in all the other reports in Business Insights.

The Case Level Report cannot be accessed directly from the report options in Business Insights. To access the report, you will need to first click on any of the available metrics in the other reports.

For example, we are looking at an Agents Report in the screenshot below. One of the metrics of interest here is Mike's Resolved Cases count. By clicking on figure 415 here, the Case Level Report would display each of Mike's 415 Resolved Cases.


Once the Case Level report loads, you will see a table which displays a line for each of those 415 cases which Mike has resolved during the time period specified. The table contains individual case specific  Metrics for each case as shown below.

You can click the right facing arrow on the first page of the metrics headings to change pages to the second set of metrics. Once you're on that second page the arrow will now face left and you can click it to go back to the first set of metrics.

You can also click each column heading to sort your report by that metric. The example below has the Case Level Report sorted by Handle Time, as highlighted by the blue column. 

If you click on any of the Case IDs in the left column of the Case Level report, that case will open in the Agent panel in a new tab, allowing you to review the actual case.

Business Insights allows you to save reports to your favorites and even put them in folders for easy organization.

Once you’ve configured your report to the way you like it (date range, channels, graphed metric), you can Save Reports as Favorites by clicking on the left hand button in the upper-right corner. This will allow you to retrieve that specific report at any time in the future with just a couple of clicks.

Once a report is saved, you will find it on the main report drop down menu:

The Export & Share functionality, accessed similarly to Favorites. For Export & Share click on the middle button in the upper left corner.

This feature allows you to access the report data for use in a spreadsheet or other analytical tool, or to share a report link with another user, which will display the report exactly as you’ve configured it (date range, channels, graphed metric) when they open it in Business Insights

The report will show exactly as you’ve configured it (date range, channels, graphed metric) when they open it in Business Insights

Export and Share includes 3 options:

Download: download a .csv file of the data in the report

Email: send a .csv file of the report’s data to another

Link: copy a link that you can send to another user which allows them to see the report as you’ve configured it


Want to know more about the metrics covered in our Case Level Report? Check out our Metrics Glossary.