Setting Up an Inbound and Outbound Desk Mailbox

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This article covers the setup of your site's Inbound and Outbound mailboxes used for receiving and delivering emails, to communicate with and support your customers. The good news is upon creation of your site, we have already created both the inbound and outbound mailboxes for you using the Mail service we provide.

If you navigate to your Admin panel, then Channels > Email > Inbound Mail, you should see the default mailbox already created.

Likewise, if you navigate to Channels > Email > Outbound Mailboxes you should also see the default outbound mailbox already created.

An Inbound mailbox is the email address your customers use to email cases into Desk. An outbound mailbox, on the other hand, is the email address used to send replies to the customer. Setting up both allows your customers to have a seamless email experience. 

Note: With our Starter plan, you are only allowed 1 inbound and 1 outbound mailbox. If you're having trouble setting up your mailbox below, please reach out to our Support team.

Using your own email service provider

If you have your own email service provider, you can add those mailboxes here too.

To setup your inbound mailbox:

1. Navigate to Channels > Email > Inbound Mail.

2. Click 'Add Mailbox'.

3. Enter the Name, Email and Password then hit 'Continue'. 

4. Fill out the Host Name, User Name, and Password of the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server. Click 'Continue.'


To setup your outbound mailbox:

1. Navigate to Outbound Mailboxes.

2. Click 'Add Mailbox.'

3. Click 'here' where it says 'Click here if you want to use your own server.'

4. Fill out the following fields:

From Name: Friendly name to display to your customer. 
From Email: Reply-to address-the customer sees and replies to.
Reply-To (optional): The default Reply-To email address will be the From Email address above. This is what your customers will see and respond to.
Email System: Type of email service you are using e.g. Gmail, Office365
SMTP Host, Port, SSL, SMTP Auth: If you are unsure about these settings, please check with your email service provider.
Username, Password: Email credentials for the email address you are adding.

5. Finally, click on 'Add'. 

You should now have a fully functioning email setup, either using the Mail service we provide or using your own email service provider.

For additional reference, we have guides on setting up emails using Gmail and Office365 as well.