How to Manage a Desk User's Password

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Changing your Agent Password

If you're an Agent and would like to change your password, you can easily do so in your profile settings. Start by clicking on your profile located in the upper right corner of the Agent that you're currently using.

If you're using the Classic Agent, navigate to Settings > Account

If you're using the Next Gen Agent, navigate to Settings:


Admin Settings to Change or Expire a User's Password

As an Admin of your Desk account, you have the ability to change a user's password yourself or force an Agent to reset their password.

This setting is located in Admin > Team > Users.

Edit the user's profile by clicking on their name, and then click on the field to either "Change Password" or the "Expire Password Now" feature.


Admin Settings to set Password Length and Enforce Complex Passwords

An Admin also has the ability to require users to have a certain password length and complex password.

These settings are located in Admin > Settings > Site Settings