Enable Translated Snippets

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Snippets are placeholders for plain text content that you can change to match your preference for how this text should be displayed. Snippets cannot be used within article content, but as part of the text in the web theme, such as the name "Support Center" in your Desk.com Help Center. If you have the Multilingual feature enabled and more than one language enabled, you can also translate a snippet so that you can present a language-specific label.

Using Snippets is an easy way to customize your Support Center without coding in HTML. Snippets are available in different languages provided by Desk.com. There are two options when translating Snippets. You can translate them manually or you can enable a couple of settings and have all the provided Snippets translated into the language(s) of your choice. This article shows you how to automatically translate your Snippets.


Turn Off Default English Snippets

Go to Admin​ > Settings > Multilingual Support > Advanced Settings. Turn Default To English Snippets to Off.

Enable a Language

Go to Settings > Multilingual Support. Enable a language by turning it to On.

Select Language for Snippet Translation

Go to Content > Snippets. Your enabled languages are shown in the drop-down of the language selector. These languages are automatically translated for you in the provided Snippets. However, any new Snippets you create must be manually translated.


Language Selector in Support Center

With two or more languages enabled, there's a language selector available in your Support Center.

Available languages

  •     English (EN)
  •     Arabic (AR)
  •     Catalan (CA)
  •     Chinese (Simplified) (ZH_CN)
  •     Chinese (Traditional) (ZH_TW)
  •     Czech (CS)
  •     Danish (DA)
  •     Dutch (NL)
  •     English (Australia) (EN_AU)
  •     English (Canada) (EN_CA)
  •     English (Hong Kong) (EN_HK)
  •     English (Ireland) (EN_IE)
  •     English (Japanese) (EN_JP)
  •     English (New Zealand) (EN_NZ)
  •     English (Singapore) (EN_SG)
  •     English (South Africa) (EN_ZA)
  •     English (US) (EN_US)
  •     English (United Kingdom) (EN_GB)
  •     Finnish (FI)
  •     French (FR)
  •     French (Canada) (FR_CA)
  •     French (France) (FR_FR)
  •     German (DE)
  •     German (Switzerland) (DE_CH)
  •     Greek (EL)
  •     Hebrew (HE)
  •     Hindi (HI)
  •     Hungarian (HU)
  •     Indonesian (ID)
  •     Italian (IT)
  •     Korean (KO)
  •     Malay (MS)
  •     Norwegian (NO)
  •     Polish (PL)
  •     Portuguese (PT)
  •     Portuguese (Brazil) (PT_BR)
  •     Romanian (Romania) (RO_RO)
  •     Russian (RU)
  •     Slovenian (SL)
  •     Spanish (ES)
  •     Spanish (Mexico) (ES_MX)
  •     Spanish (Spain) (ES_ES)
  •     Spanish (United States) (ES_US)
  •     Swahili (SW)
  •     Swedish (SV)
  •     Swedish (Finland) (SV_FI)
  •     Tagalog (FIL)
  •     Thai (TH)
  •     Turkish (TR)