R - Delete Attachments from a Case

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. For more information, see Next Generation Agent and Classic Agent.


You can add attachments to their inquiries using either the email form or by submitting an email having attachments to a monitored mailbox.


Deleting an Attachment from a case

Case attachments are shown in the right panel of an opened case in the Next Generation Agent console. Delete them by clicking the "X".

Delete case attachments automatically using an Interaction Rule

If you prefer to delete all attachments from cases automatically using a rule, you can automate this process by configuring a business rule. For example, in AdminCasesRulesInbound Interaction+ Add Rule you can create a rule to remove all inbound attachments from a specific mailbox for security reasons:
  • Add "All" Condition: Email Mailbox is Security (imap.gmail.com)
  • Rule Actions: Erase Inbound Attachments
  • Enabled: yes