Delete a Case

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. Please refer to Deleting Cases for information on how to do this in the Classic Agent console 

Enable Case Deletion

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Agents
  2. Find the Delete Cases setting and select which Agents have permission to delete cases. Click Update.

Delete a Case

  1. In the Next Generation Agent console, open the case you want to delete.
  2. At the top right of the case, click the drop-down and click Delete Case .
  1. The confirmation notifies you that the case will be permanently deleted in a week. This allows you to retrieve the case through search or a filter that shows deleted cases for 7 days before it is permanently deleted.

What happens when a case is deleted?

Deleted cases are kept for 1 week before being permanently removed. You can find the cases you've deleted by going to the enabling the Deleted Cases filter, or by doing a search of  "status:deleted" . Before the 7 days are up, you can navigate to the deleted case and click "Undelete Case" in the bottom left of the Case tab to re-open the case.

However, it is not removed from Business Insights reporting, as the reporting is event driven and the time stamp of the event is logged for the case and is not deleted when the case is deleted. For a workaround for cases that have not yet been permanently deleted please refer to Ability to Remove Deleted Cases From Business Insights

Cases in the "Deleted" status cannot be edited. They can only be reopened, and then edited.

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