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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. For more information, see Next Generation Agent and Classic Agent.


You can use labels in to categorize cases, organize macro shortcuts into folders, and to trigger business rules.

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Manage Labels

You can manage your labels in AdminCases > Labels. You can add a label by clicking the Add Label button. Labels must be at least two characters in length.


Apply a Label to a Case as an Agent

This setting must be enabled in Admin > Cases > Labels > Advanced Settings with "Allow agents to create labels" switched on. When opening a case, you can apply labels in Case Details. Click in the labels field and start typing to see available matches. If the label doesn't exist, you can select it from the dropdown and it will create a new label and apply it to the case. Note that labels are case-sensitive.

Use Labels in a Case View

Inline labels appear listed in the case view. Remove labels by clicking on the "x" portion of the label in the case view of the Next Generation Agent console.

Use Labels in a Filter View

You can specify labels as conditions for cases to appear in a filter in AdminCasesFilters+ Add Filter.

Use Labels in Macros

Use Labels as part of a macro (to add or remove a label as part of the macro) or to create a "folder view" for your macro shortcuts, organizing them into easy-to-remember groups. Create Macros in AdminCasesMacros+ Add Macro.


When you use labels to organize your macros in folders, you'll see your macros organized by label when selecting a macro within a case in the Next Generation Agent console.

Note: The condition "Append Case Labels" means that the label will be added to the case and will not remove other labels already on the case. "Set Case Labels" will remove all existing labels and replace it with the chosen label.

Use Labels in Rules

You can also use labels as a condition or as an action within a Business Rule. This allows you to flag your case with a label and then run rules against it. Use labels in rules in AdminCasesRules+ Add Rule.

Color Coordinating

You can help your support agents prioritize and differentiate between cases quickly by color-coordinating your case labels. You can specify a color for the label, which determines how the label is displayed in the Next Generation Agent console to your agents. Configure the color of labels in AdminCasesLabels+ Add Label.

Once the color for a label is set in the Admin section, the change is reflected in the Next Generation Agent console, giving agents another visual aid to assess cases quickly.


Changing Labels on a Case

When you change Labels on a Case, a number of things could happen depending on the workflows you have setup. If you have Case Updated Rules setup to trigger based on a specific Label, these Rules could be applied once you update the Case. You will also see reporting for the changed Label in Business Insights. If you have no workflows setup based on the changed Label, nothing will happen to the Case other than the Label being added/removed or changed.

Use Labels to Search for Cases

you can use our Advanced Search feature in the Agent panel in order to search for all cases with a specific label.

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