Overview of Custom Fields for Case and Customer

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. For more information, see Next Generation Agent and Classic Agent.


Desk.com allows you to create custom fields so you can capture the specific data you need from your customers. You may have up to 25 custom fields for the customer and up to 50 custom fields for the case itself. You can use these custom fields to store and retrieve information for the customer and case.

Case and customer fields are similar but not identical in Desk.com:

  • Case: Custom fields can be made made part of the Case Tab, used to define Case Filters and determine if a Business Rule is applied to a case.
  • Customer: Custom fields can be made made part of the Customer Tab, used to determine if a Business Rule is applied to a case. These fields can also be exposed inside of the customer's current case.

Creating a custom field

1.  Go to Admin > CasesCases or Customers Custom Field. In this example, we will create a Customer Custom Field.  

2.  Click Add Field. You will see the New Custom Customer Field dialog.​


These are the field names and data types used in Custom Fields in Desk.com:

  • Key: The key is used when adding fields to the Case Tab Template or Customer Tab Template. Keys for custom case fields can also be used to define keyword searches for Case Filters. The best practice is to use an abbreviated description of the fields intended purpose (The key cannot contain spaces and is used for referencing this field from elsewhere in Desk.com).

  • Data Type: The data type sets the type of information stored in the field and how an agent can edit it. The available field types are:
    1. Text - 255 character max
    2. Number
    3. True/False
    4. Date
    5. List: when list is selected, you must define the valid values.
  • Enabled: If a custom field is disabled, it will not be displayed to your agents. After creating your custom field, toggle the switch to 'On' and the field will be enabled in the agent console.

Using Custom Fields

Custom fields are best suited for information storage and are best applied with the following guidelines:

  1. Structured Choices: Give your agents a structured set of options to choose from when they’re responding to cases. This prevents ambiguity and encourages uniform support processes.

  1. Automated Actions: Structured custom fields allow you to set up automatic actions on cases based on particular values in custom fields.  

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