Reset an Agent's Password

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. For more information, see Next Generation Agent and Classic Agent.

Steps to Change Password

  1. Easily change your password in your Agent Settings. In the Next Generation Agent console, click the Settings menu in the top right:
Changing the password from the Settings menu
  1. Click SettingsAccount and you can set your new password.
Changing your password from the Agent settings.

Admin Settings to Expire Passwords

An Admin also has the ability to force an agent to reset their password.


  1. Go to AdminTeam > Users > Edit.
  2. Click Expire Password Now.
Expire a password from the admin

If your agents are having trouble logging in, or receive a message about resetting a token, you may need to have them take the following steps.

1. Clear their browsers temp files.
2. Go back to the agent or admin login page by clicking the one you want at
3. DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN YET. Click the "Forgot Password" link and input the agent  email address for which you would like to reset.
4. Follow the instructions to reset the password in the email to log in.

NOTE: Be sure to have them check their spam or junk mail folder for the email. If you still cannot locate this email, please contact support to reset your password for you.