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The Advanced Theme Editor allows Admins to customize the appearance of their Support Center. You can always contact us to discuss any Professional Services Design packages, such as implementing an existing design in your Support Center. The Advanced Theme editor allows you to implement designs yourself.

This article shows how to access the HTML and CSS of your Support Center. If you want to make simple customizations such as uploading a header logo or changing background colors and font, we have exposed these options in the Web Theme editor.

Need help making your Support Center look and feel like your brand? Check out Themes4Desk, a partner that provides some other layout options and provides services for more advanced design requirements.

Note: The feature(s) in this article requires the Standard Plan or above.


  • Administrator access level or above.
  • Understanding of HTML and/or CSS.
  • Familiarity with Liquid to easily customize the appearance of Support Center. For more information about Liquid, see List of Liquid Variables.


  1. To access the Web Theme Editor, go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes and then choose a web theme to edit.

  1. ​Click the ​Advanced Themes tab. 
  1. When you click Advanced Themes, a popup appears warning you that once you make changes in the Advanced Theme editor, you will no longer receive automatic updates to the current web theme from Desk, placing your web theme on your own custom branch. (If you do not edit the Advanced Theme, you will automatically receive version updates from Desk.) 
  1. Now you have access to customize the HTML and CSS of the web theme. 
  1. Once you make edits and save the changes in the Advanced Theme editor, you will see that your Theme is no longer getting Automatic Updates, but Manual Updates:

Next Steps

This article shows how to access the Advanced Theme Editor so you can make customizations. For help about the specific customizations you can make, see these FAQs: