Using your Own Domain Name

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With you can set up your own domain for your Support Center, rather than using the provided URL; i.e., in lieu of This article explains how to set this up.

Note: This feature requires the Standard Plan or above.


If you are not using Multi-Brand

Step 1: Create a CNAME record within your DNS provider's administration panel, and configure it to point to your host. For example, if your Support Center is, make your CNAME something like and point it to your URL.

This should look something like this:    CNAME

If you're unsure how to setup your CNAME, please consult your web hosting company or domain name provider. As the setup varies greatly from host to host, it's impossible for us to provide these instructions.

Step 2: Go your Admin Panel and click on Settings. It’ll take you to your Site Settings. From here, enter the domain you’ve decided on into the Web Address field:


Note: You must wait for the CNAME's DNS to propagate before you'll be able to save this setting. We do a real time lookup of the CNAME to ensure it's pointing to your Desk site. If DNS is not propagated, you will get an error.

Update, and your CNAME is complete.

If you are using Multi-Brand

Step 1: When using Multi-Brand, you need one unique CNAME setup for each brand.

Each CNAME will point to a subdomain of your Desk URL, such as:

Whereas a non-Multi-Brand setup points only to 

A real world example would be if you had two brands set up, one for "Support" and the other for "VIP", your DNS record should look like this:    CNAME        CNAME

The first subdomain of the CNAME for a brand is arbitrary, but must be unique for each brand. For example, instead of "" you could use "" and it would work equally as well, provided that "tornadoes" is not already in use by a CNAME record for another one of your brands. 

In the "Custom Web Address" field for each brand (this is under Admin > Channels > Support Center > Advanced Themes) you would enter the URL that you specified in your CNAME record (e.g., "").


Please do not hesitate to reach out to your friendly Support Team with any questions.

Note: If you are changing an existing DNS entry rather than creating a new one, it may require some lead time before the change takes place, based on your DNS TTL (Time to Live). To minimize delays, we recommend reducing your TTL to 15 minutes at least 24 hours before you want to integrate your Support Center. After your updates are complete, you can return to your regular TTL.

Some notes regarding HTTP/HTTPs

If you have an SSL certificate you'd like to use for your custom domain, just follow this guide. Otherwise, visit Admin > Channels  > Support Center  Advanced and ensure your 'Security Mode' is set to 'HTTP Only' (as shown below).

If you intend to use Private Access with your custom CNAME, you must use an SSL certificate. We do not support Private Access without an SSL cert under any circumstances.

Note: The feature(s) in this article requires the Standard Plan or above. To upgrade your account, log in to the Admin panel and click "Billing" on the right. See the overview of our pricing plans or reach out to Sales for more info.

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