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Using your Own Domain Name

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 11:16PM PDT

With you can set up your own domain for your Support Center, rather than using Setting up your own custom site address allows your users to feel like they're on the same website. This article explains how to set this up.

Setting up your Own Domain Name for your Support Center

Step 1: Create a CNAME record within your DNS provider's administration panel, and configure it to point to your host. For example, if your Support Center is, make your CNAME something like and point it to your URL.  

If you are not using Multi-Brand
This should look something like this:        CNAME

If you are using Multi-Brand
You will need to add an additional subdomain to your CNAME record. For example if you had two brands set up, one for support and the other for "VIP" support, your DNS record should look like this:        CNAME    CNAME

The first subdomain of the CNAME for a brand is arbitrary, but must be unique for each brand. For example, instead of "" you could use "" and it would work equally as well, provided that "tornadoes" is not already in use by a CNAME record for another one of your brands. In the "Custom Web Address" field for each brand (this is under Admin > Support Center > Advanced Settings) you would enter the URL that you specified in your CNAME record (e.g., "support.yourcompanyisawesome"). This can be a bit boggling, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your friendly Support Team with any questions.

(Note: if you are changing an existing DNS entry rather than creating a new one, it may require some lead time before the change takes place, based on your DNS TTL (Time to Live). To minimize delays, we recommend reducing your TTL to 15 minutes at least 24 hours before you want to integrate your Support Center. After your updates are complete, you can return to your regular TTL)

Step 2: Go your Admin Panel and click on Settings. It’ll take you to your Site Settings. From here, enter the domain you’ve decided on into the Web Address field:


Click Update, and your customization is complete.


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