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​ Mobile, our native iPhone/iPad application, is available in the iTunes App Store! This version of the mobile app utilizes the Next Generation Agent UI. Refer to this article for feature updates and other important information.

Looking for the Android app? We've got you covered!

Note: To be simultaneously logged into mobile and desktop devices you must first login to your mobile app, then log into the web app version.

Get the App's native iPhone/iPad application, Mobile, is available in the iTunes App Store.

Use the App

  1. After launching the app, you will be prompted to enter your URL, e.g.,
  1. ​Enter your credentials. If you are prompted to "Grant access," check the box and tap OK.

Create a Case

You can create a Case directly from the app, and you're able to create a case from more than one Channel type. If you have Twitter enabled in addition to Email and Phone, then you have the option to select either of those types to create your case.

From the Agent panel view, click the + symbol to see what channels are available for you:

You will search for the Customer name or email address to associate your new case to an existing customer, or to create a new customer for the case. The case is created for you, and you can begin typing out the content of your email, add a case note or apply a macro.

Push notifications for iOS

You can configure which push notifications (if any) you would like through the mobile app.
  1. From the Case Filters panel in the mobile app, go to the global navigation menu, then click Settings.
  1. From the Settings menu, select which notifications you would like to receive such as New Case, Case assigned to me etc. When you're done, simply click the X to save your settings.

Bulk actions

You are able to apply various actions from the Bulk actions section. 

  1. From the Case Filters panel in the mobile app, go to the global navigation menu again and click Bulk actions.


​You can then select the checkboxes of the cases you want to apply a Bulk action to, as seen here:


You are able to select from the following Bulk actions:

  • Re-assign case
  • Status changes
  • Replace/Append labels
When you need to re-assign a case using Bulk actions, select the icon to the left within the Bulk menu to see a list of Agents or Groups to assign your cases to:


Make your selection of either Agent or Group, then click Reassign to save your changes.

If you need to change status of your cases using Bulk actions, select the middle icon within the Bulk menu to see the available Status options you can select from. When you're ready, click Update to save your changes.

When you need to either append labels or replace existing labels using Bulk actions, select the icon to the right within the Bulk menu. You'll be presented with a secondary menu, allowing you to select between Replace or Append:

Whether you select Replace or Append, you will be navigated to a list of all your available and active labels. You make your selections and click Replace or Append, depending on which option you chose. This will apply this action in bulk for your selected cases.

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Note: Using a custom domain with Desk mobile requires an SSL cert.