Creating Knowledge Articles

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Want to create knowledge articles for your support center? This is the article you're looking for! 

Creating Articles for your Support Center

  1. Log in to and go to: Admin Content > ArticlesAdd Article


  1. In the Add New Article pop-up, select a Topic in the dropdown to categorize your article. Next, enter the title in the Subject field and click Add.

  1. After adding the new article, you will be taken to the Content Editor. Write your knowledge article and use the toolbar above the text field to create headings, subheadings, lists, add hyperlinks, or view the source code.
  1. You can also add images and videos to your knowledge article.
Note: If you're embedding (iframe) videos into your article, you will first need to have scripting enabled (whitelisted) for your Desk site. To do this, email and request scripting enablement for your site.
  1. Use the Article Attributes side navigation to categorize Topics, add Search Keywords, or tag brand-relevant knowledge articles if you have Multi-brand enabled.
  1. To publish your article and make it public, toggle Show in Support Center to 'On' and make sure that Save as Draft is 'Off' then click Update
Note: ​Make sure to click on "Update" to save your work. Desk does not have an autosave feature so exiting out of an article without clicking on update will result in unsaved changes.


To save the article as a draft, toggle Save as Draft to 'On' and Show in Support Center to the 'Off' position. When you're ready to publish the article so that it can be seen on the Support Center, simply toggle Save as Draft to 'Off' and Show in Support Center to the 'On'
Note: New articles are private by default and will not be displayed on your Support Center. A private article has an eyeball icon next to it in the Article List.
  1. When your knowledge article has been published you will see the following message above the Content Editor:

Knowledge articles can be used internally by Agents as well on your customer-facing website. You can add translated content to your Support Center and create Channel Specific responses for your Support Agents. If you'd like, you can also embed Google Docs into your support center articles.

Using the Auto Generate Email Response Theme

The email response themes dictate what will be applied to that type of case (Email, Questions, Twitter, Facebook, Phone, Chat) when inserting an article into a case. The "Auto Generate Email Response theme" toggle if enabled will generate a response theme automatically from the text of the article. You can turn it off if you want to manually specify what the text will be. Most often this is used for adding Textile to email responses.

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