Customer Satisfaction (CSat)

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Overview of CSat

Customer Satisfaction (CSat) is the customer service rating feature from CSat allows customers to rate their support experience. You can set a question for customers to answer, such as "How satisfied were you with the resolution we provided today?" Customers then select their rating, which displays in the case view and is available for reporting in the Agents Report.


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Note: CSat is currently supported on the email channel for outbound messages only.

Steps to Enable Customer Satisfaction

  1. Go to AdminCasesCustomer Satisfaction.
  2. Toggle Customer Satisfaction enabled to the 'on' position.
​More information about Customer Satisfaction options:​
  • Feedback enabled: Enable Customer Satisfaction for your account.
  • Question: Phrase the question that appears above the rating options.
  • Response interval type: Select when to present customers with the option to rate their satisfaction.
  • Rating type: Select the style of ratings to present to customers.
  • Additional Feedback: A feedback question and textbox will be added to the Thank You page that is generated when a user selects one of the Customer Satisfaction responses
  • Additional question: Present customers with an additional question to answer after submitting their rating.
  • Use my Portal for feedback: If set to Yes, Desk will use your Web Theme to display the CSat page. The CSAT (New) and CSAT (Submitted) pages in your web theme can be customized through Advanced Themes. Note that if you have Private Access enabled, depending on your Private Access settings, your customers may be required to log in before submitting CSat.
Once you configure your Customer Satisfaction preferences, you must make sure the themes of your desired Customer Satisfaction usage are configured.

Configure Customer Satisfaction for a Custom Theme 

This article shows you how to enable CSat if you're using a custom theme. There are three areas where you can implement CSat:

Portal/Web Theme

If your Default theme is the " Default Version 8", perform the next two steps:

  1. Go to Admin Channels Support Center Web Themes.
  2. Click + Add Theme to get the newest version of Web Theme and make that your default. The newest theme contains the new Customer Satisfaction code.

Copy Custom Code

If you have a custom theme as your Default, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes. Next to your Default theme, click the Copy icon to preserve a copy as a best practice before you make changes.
  1. Open your Default custom theme and go to the Advanced Themes tab.
  1. Copy the Header code and paste it into notepad or another text editor that preserves the code as-is. Please make sure not to use Microsoft Word or other WYSIWYG application

Add New Theme

  1. The CSat functionality is in the new version. To get a theme on the newest version, click + Add Theme. This will create a new default theme with the CSat code that you can use for your new custom theme. Give it a name and click Add.
  1. Go the the Advanced Themes tab. Click Continue​ when prompted.

  1. Copy the Header code from your old theme into the new theme. Click Update.
  2. ​Go to your new custom theme and make it the default.

Note: If you made any customizations in the Look & Feel, Integrations, Customize Content, or Body tabs, you will have to repeat these copy/paste steps into the new theme.

Email Reply Theme

Adding the CSat code into your reply theme shows customers the CSat survey when they're replying to Cases. If your "System Default Theme" is set as the default, you already have the necessary CSat code. And if your Web Theme is set up with CSat code, your customers will see the CSat survey when replying to cases.

If you are using a customized Reply Theme, complete the following steps:

  1. ​Go to Channels > Email > Reply Themes and edit your custom theme.
  2. Take the following code and paste it into your "HTML Body" underneath the email signature code:
  1. Click Update.

Case Theme

Adding the CSat code into your Case Theme shows the latest CSat rating in the case view from the customer. If the "System Default Theme" is the default, you already have the CSat code in your theme.

If you have a custom Case Theme, complete the following steps:

  1. ​Go to AdminCasesCasesCase Theme. Edit your Case Theme.
  2. Paste the following code into the top of the "Body" of your Case Theme​:

View for Agents


Enable CSat Column in Agent Console

  1. In the Agent Console, view the latest CSAT score next to each case. Enable by clicking on the ellipsis and selecting CSAT.
Select Customer Satisfaction column.
  1. The CSAT column appears to show the customer's latest CSAT rating.
Customer Satisfaction column.

View for Customers

  1. Email Reply
  1. ​Private Portal


Advanced setup