Turn Quickcodes into Macros

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Quickcodes are not supported in Next Generation Agent. This article shows how to convert Quickcodes into Macros so you don't lose the workflows you already created.

You can view within your articles in the Admin section, to see which articles have Quickcodes. You can also use a more advanced approach, outlined below, which can come in handy when you want to convert a large amount of Quickcodes. You can always contact our support team for assistance if you need help with this!


You have many Quickcodes and you want to retrieve the article ID's, so we have created a few scripts that you can use to find all of your articles that are using Quickcodes.

Retrieve the article ids

Run either the .js or .rb script to return the article ids of the articles containing Quickcodes:

To run the .js script, you must be logged into the Desk Admin page:

Ruby script:

Replace Quickcodes with Macros

Once you have the article ids, you can find the articles in Admin > Content > Search and update them. If you'd like a suggested workaround to quickly edit those articles and create Macros from them, follow these steps:

  1. Take the article id from the results: ["/api/v2/articles/1539571"]
  2. Place it in this URL: https://yoursite.desk.com/admin/content-management/articles/1539571/edit to take you to the edit version of the article.

  1. In the edit version of your article, click Create A Macro in the Article Attributes​ pane.
  1. Name your Macro.
  1. Specify any other attributes you want to include in the Macro.
  1. After you create a Macro from an article, you can see the Macro listed in the article's edit page. You can also see the Macro listed under Admin > Cases > Macros.

Pro-Tip: Help out your Agents and create a Macro folder to organize your converted Quickcodes. Call it "Quickcodes" to make it easier for your Agents to quickly find the new Macros that replaced the Quickcodes. Folders appear in the Agent Desktop. Create a folder in Admin > Cases > + Add Label:


Repeat these steps for each Quickcode you would like to convert into a Macro. For more info, see Build Shortcuts with Macros.