Kill Spam the Ninja Way

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While relies on your mail server for spam detection, sometimes spam slips through the cracks and in those cases it's important to handle it quickly and efficiently.  

This example shows several methods of dealing with spam. You can use some such as creating a Macro or Rule individually or use them all together to create a way to identify habitual spammers and to create a system for periodic review.

Step 1: Create and use the following "SPAM" macro on individual cases. There's more on creating macros in this Help article.

Tip: Use Bulk Edit (link) to apply the Spam macro to multiple cases at once. 

Step 2: Add a custom field to mark the user as a spammer

Step 3: Use "Case Updated" rule to mark the Customer as a Spammer. This Rule kicks in when you've used the Macro or used a bulk update to add the "SPAM" label.

Step 4: Create an "Inbound Interaction" Rule to automatically assassinate future spam. You'll want to add the from email domain of anyone who has spammed you previously. In this example the action is to automatically resolve those cases, but you can also choose to delete them instead.

Tip: You can also add keyword and known spam domains to the rule to handle all your spam in one rule.



Step 5: Periodically check recent spam. Add a filter (link) that shows the cases you've marked as spam and periodically review them so you can modify the Inbound Interaction Rule that blocks spam cases.




Step 6: Add known spam domains and email addresses to your Inbound Mailbox.