How do I Customize the Header Section of My Support Center?

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​Note: This FAQ refers to the Advanced Theme Editor.


  • Administrator access level or above.
  • Understanding of HTML and/or CSS.
  • Familiarity with Liquid to easily customize the appearance of Support Center. For more information about Liquid, see List of Liquid Variables.

The Header Section of the Advanced Theme editor provides you with a central place to manage your style declarations (CSS) and scripts. You can also use this area to dynamically change the title of the page. The Header section is located in Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Edit Web Theme > ​Advanced Themes > Layout.

Here are a few general tips and considerations for customizing the header section:

  • For a good CSS primer, check out the W3C Schools CSS site or the handy Snippets at CSS Tricks.
  • You can import external style sheets or scripts in this section
  • You can set page header values in this section

Example: Changing the Page Name depending on which page is displaying

You can use the Liquid templating language to change the page dynamically in One way you might choose to change the page is to write a different message in the HTML title of the page.

This example demonstrates how you can add a value to the page title by customizing the html title tag in the Header section of the Advanced Mode Support Center editor.

The possible values of the page variable are as follows:

  • page_index
  • page_search_result
  • page_search_topic
  • page_search_article
  • question_new
  • question_pre_create
  • question_show
  • email_new
  • email_pre_create
  • email_submitted
  • chat_new
  • chat_pre_create

Use the value of the page variable to create a page-specific layout or write out a specific message, e.g.,:

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