How do I Customize The Index Page of My Support Center?

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​Note: This FAQ refers to the Advanced Theme Editor. For a step by step guide on how to edit elements of your Index Page, as well as all other pages on your Support Center, please click here.


​The index page is the "home" page of your Support Center and is the first page displayed. The Page (Index) section is located in Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Edit Web Theme > Advanced Themes > Page (Index).



Here is what the standard Default Page(Index) looks like:

Here is how this page looks in your Web Theme editor:

By editing the HTML and CSS of this page, you can give your Support Center homepage a look and feel that suits your business needs.

Here are a few general tips and considerations for the Index page:

  • The index page provides your general navigation - you can customize it to provide a dynamically generated list of topics rather than the default table design
  • You can change the layout for the index page while maintaining the overall look and feel of the layout
  • The index page contains liquid collections of topics; each topic contains a collection of articles

Example: change the default table of topics to a dynamically written out list


A common customization to the index page of the Support Center is to write out a dynamic list of topics. The default HTML writes out this content as a table; however, you may want to write it out and style it differently.

Here is the code:

This is how Topics and their article lists are displayed after making this simple change: