Mobile Android App

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​ Mobile, our native Android Application, is available in the Google Play Store! This new version of the mobile app utilizes the new Next Generation Agent UI.

Note: We also have an iOS app.

Use the App

  1. After launching the app, you will be prompted to enter your URL, e.g.,
  1. ​Enter your credentials. If you are prompted to "Grant access," check the box and tap OK.

Push notifications for Android

You can configure which push notifications (if any) you would like through the mobile app.
  1. Tap Settings to configure your push notifications. (The location of the Settings menu within the app varies depending on the Android device.)
  1. From the Settings menu, choose which notifications you want from "New cases" and "Cases assigned to me." 

  1. Select the scenarios you want notifications for and tap Done to save.​

Note: Using a custom domain with Desk mobile requires an SSL cert.