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Configuring SMTP Servers to Send Email with an Outbound Mailbox

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2013 02:17PM PDT

To send outbound emails to customers in, you'll need to configure an outbound mailbox.
  • If you're using Gmail, this will be handled for you when you connect the Email Channel to a Gmail or Google Apps Mailbox.
  • If you're using a different service to send your mail (such as Google Apps, Yahoo or Rackspace) which is often called an SMTP server, you'll need to configure an Outbound Mailbox in

To Configure Outbound Email for for SMTP Servers

To start, click the Settings link from your Admin Panel, then click Outbound Mailboxes. Click the link to add a new mailbox
, or you can edit your existing mailbox by clicking the gear symbol.


Click the Add New button.  
You will be presented with the Add New Outbound Mailbox dialog box:


Setting Definitions:

  • From Name: Friendly name for display to the customer
  • From Email: Reply-to address
  • SMTP Host: Server that will send the email
  • SMTP Port: Port to connect to the email server
  • Use SSL: Whether the email is encrypted when sent to the email server (usually a different port)
  • SMTP Auth: Method for authentication (almost always Login)
  • Username: Login is typically the full email address (Example:
  • Password: Password is typically the same as the password to retrieve the email.

Standard Settings

  • Default SMTP Port is 25  (As a result of abuse, many ISP's have changed the port. Port 587 is now a common alternate.)

  • If connecting to your SMTP server over SSL, the standard port is 465.


Common Providers


Google Apps

SMTPPORT: 587 (465 for SSL) 
USE SSL: Optional
SMTP Auth: Login


USE SSL: Checked
SMTP Auth: Login


USE SSL:  Checked
SMTP Auth:  Login


Advanced Configurations