How to Create an Out of Office message

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You can create an out of office message using Rules, Labels and Auto Acknowledgement Themes.

1. Go to Admin→Cases→Labels and create an “Agent Out Of Office” label.

2. Go to Admin→Channels→Email→Auto Acknowledgements and Create an “Out of office” Acknowledgement theme that will contain the verbiage for your message, using the instructions outlined here.

3. Go to Admin→Cases→Rules→ Inbound Interactions. Create an Out of Office Rule and check the Email only option. Then set the Rule up using the following settings:

ALL Condition:
Case labels does not contain “Agent Out Of Office”
Hours Since Last Auto Acknowledgement Sent greater than or equal to 24

ANY Condition:
Case Assigned Agent is Your chosen agent

Send Auto Acknowledgement Email “Out of office”
Append Case Labels “Agent Out Of Office”

Your Rule will look something like this:

Using the ANY condition in this rule allows you to add multiple agents to the Out of office condition. You more than likely want to have this rule running BEFORE any other auto acknowledgement rules run, so the Out of office message is sent prior to any other Acknowledgements for the agents listed in your subsequent rules.

Your site Administrators would need to manually turn these rules on or off as needed.

You may also want to review this article. It explains how to Unassign cases that belong to an agent that is out of the office instead of sending your customer a message. Unassigning the cases will allow other agents to work on the case while a colleague is out.

If you run into any issues when setting up this workflow in Desk, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further help.