Custom Roles and Permissions

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Overview allows you to create a custom agent role, define a wide variety of permissions for this role (such as giving an agent Read Only access to Cases), and assign any agent in Desk to one of these custom roles. With Desk, you are not bound by pre-defined agent roles. The result? Greatly increased flexibility to structure your organization according to your needs!

Here's a link to our article on: Standard Agent Roles

Things to note:
  • Custom Roles & Permissions is a Business Plus Plan feature.
  • Flex Agents cannot be assigned to a custom role.
  • Standard Role permissions cannot be changed.​
  • If an Agent is assigned to a Custom Role, they will not be able to access Classic Agent.
  • Full Mobile support in next Mobile app release.
  1. To add a Role for existing users, go to: Admin > Team > Roles. Click Add.

  1. Add a Role Name and Role Description.

  1. Add User(s) to the newly created Role.

  1. Under Role Detail, add permissions for the newly created Role. Click Update when you are done.