Mini Workflow: Turn a bad CSat into a great one

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With the Desk CSat functionality, you can measure how well you're doing with your customers. But you can also take advantage of the CSat Submitted Rule which runs every time a customer rates a case. In this article we'll show you a workflow that alerts your Agents of badly rated cases so they can review them and turn unsatisfied customers into happy ones.


First, you will create some labels to identify cases that need reviewing and those cases that have been 'saved'. Then, you will create some rules to add those labels when needed.

Create the Labels

  1. Go to Admin > CasesLabels
  2. Click + Add Label
  3. An Add New Label dialog will appear with the following fields:
  • Name: The name of the Label, eg. 'ReviewCSat'.
  • Color: Choose whatever color you want
  • Enable For: Check the 'Cases' option
  • Active: Choose Yes

Repeat the above steps and create a Label 'CSat-Save'.


Create CSat Submitted Rules

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Rules​ > CSat Submitted
  2. Click + Add Rule
  3. Create the following Rule to re-open a case and to add a 'ReviewCSat' Label to a case that has been rated a 0 or 1 (Poor or Fair). This is what will let your Agents know that there is a case that should be reviewed because it's open and has the review label.
  1. Now create another CSat Submitted Rule that will add a Label 'CSat-Save' if a customer re-rates the case to a 3 or 4 (Good or Great) that had a 'ReviewCSat' Label. This is what will let you track a case that had an unsatisfied customer but was able to be saved after an Agent reviewed the case.

Below is a screenshot of how your Agents would see cases that need to be reviewed (and also cases that were saved).

Reporting on Saved CSats

You can utilize our New Business Insights to report on the number of saves your team has had.  There are different reports that you may want to use to measure number of saves (eg. The Overview Report). But the Segmentation Report is one that may be useful in order to compare the number of cases that had the ReviewCSat label and the CSat-Save label.

When you choose the Segmentation report, choose the right Segment for Labels.

This is what the report output would look like. As you can see, it shows those four cases with the ReviewCSat label and two with the CSat-Save label.


There is also a Dashboard Report  that gives you a snapshot of the CSat for the last 24hrs (Note, Dashboards are available for Business plans). This is what that Dashboard Report looks like.