Customer Health Monitor

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 Note: This feature requires the Business Plus Plan and is available only in the Next-Gen Agent.  
The Customer Health Monitor helps you identify customers who, based on recent interactions, may wish to express dissatisfaction (or praise) for your organization. Levels of satisfaction, as represented by a spectrum of colored indicators, allow your agents to quickly identify product or service blind spots and improve customer retention.  

Enabling the Customer Health Monitor 
The Customer Health Monitor is enabled on the Admin panel.  Click the ‘Settings’ gear icon, then ‘Health Monitor’ in the left navigation panel.  Enable the Health Monitor by activating the parameters you want to use for customer sentiment measurement.  

By enabling features such as Average case interactions or Currently open tickets, Customer Health Monitor gives you the ability to quantify the communication dynamics of your customer base and better understand how they interact with your organization. To set the green-yellow and yellow-red thresholds, click the edit icon to the right of the color indicator to reveal the edit boxes.  Enter new values and click the update checkmark icon to save the updated values.

Customer Health Monitor parameter values are updated daily.  The day after you enable this functionality you’ll see customer health indicators on cases where the customer has had previous interactions with your company in the past 60 days.
A more detailed document describing the Customer Health Monitor and parameter values used for thresholds can be found in the Reference Guide.