JIRA Installation Guide: OnDemand-Cloud for Next Gen Agent

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If your organization uses JIRA, you can add it to the case layout in the Next Gen Agent. Configuring JIRA for the Next Gen Agent console will only take a couple of minutes. Once you've installed JIRA, check out the JIRA Integration How-to Guide. Soon you'll be creating and retrieving JIRA tickets associated with your customer's cases and using JIRA features like Advanced Search.

1.  Log into your Desk.com account and go to: Admin > Apps

2.  Find the JIRA-Next Gen Agent app and click Install to continue.
3.  Click Install and Accept to continue.

4.  You will then be taken to the Install Next Gen Agent window. Leave this window open.

Note: Do not hit "Create" at this point. You will do it later on in step 27, and doing it out of order may affect your ability to successfully create the application link.

5.  Copy your Desk.com URL, including the HTTP (or HTTPS).

Note: If you previously set up the Classic integration with one JIRA application link, you will need to use a different Desk site URL to generate a second JIRA application link for the Next Gen integration. The Classic JIRA integration works with Classic Agent only and the Next Gen JIRA integration covered in this article works with Next Gen Agent only. 

6.  Switch over to your JIRA account.

7.  In JIRA, go to: Administration > Applications > Integrations > Application links

8.  Paste your Desk.com URL into the Application window (e.g., https://zzz-welovejira.desk.com/admin).
9.  Click Create new link to continue.

10.  Click Continue in the Configure Application URL pop-up.
11.  In the Link applications pop-up, enter your Desk account name in the Application Name field (e.g., Desk.com).

12.  Select your Application Type (e.g., Generic Application) from the drop down menu.

13.  Click the Create incoming link check box.

Note: The remaining Link application fields do not need to be filled out for the Desk-to-JIRA integration.

14.  Click Continue to be taken to a second Link applications window.

15.  Switch back to your Desk.com account.

16.  Enter the first part of your Desk.com site name (e.g., zzz-welovejira) in the Consumer Key field.

17. Enter your JIRA site URL in the Site field.

18.  Copy the Public Key, including the BEGIN PUBLIC KEY and END PUBLIC KEY text.

19.  Switch over to the Link applications window in your JIRA account.

20.  Enter the first part of your Desk.com site name. in the Consumer Key and Consumer Name fields. 

21.  Paste in the Public Key you copied from your Desk.com account.

22.  Click 'Continue'.

23.  Now the 'Application Link created successfully' message will appear.
24.  Copy your JIRA account URL.

25.  Switch over to your Desk.com account.

26.  Paste the JIRA URL into the Site field.

27.  Ensure that Active is toggled to the On position.

28.  Click Create at the bottom of the page.
29.  Click Allow in the Welcome to JIRA pop-up.

30.  In your Desk account, you will get a JIRA Installation Successful message. Your Desk account is now configured with your JIRA account!
Important note:

If you restrict access to your JIRA instance by IP address, then you will need the list of IP addresses.


Please note that this list is in JSON format. You will need the instructions below in order to implement:


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