How do I change my site's Billing Administrator?

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A site can have as many Billing Administrators as you'd like. There is no limit or restriction.

If you find yourself needing to change who the Billing Administrator is to someone else, the first thing to check is to make sure that you're the Billing Administrator on the account.  That's the highest level of permission and is needed to swap out someone else for the Administrator role.

Step 1: Head to Admin > Team to get started.

Identify the user in the Team list who you want to become the new Billing Administrator in your place and click on his/her name to edit their profile.

If that user's a Flex User, you'll need to first promote to a Full Time user by clicking the "Promote to Full Time" button. (If you don't see that, it's likely that you don't have any Full Time licenses available.  In that case, head over to the Billing tab to buy another license.)

Once they're promoted to a Full Time agnet, you can edit their Role on their Profile.

Change them to Billing Administrator and you're done with your part.

Step 2: Now that new Billing Administrator will need to go to to Admin > Team, the same place you just were.

The difference is that they'll click on your Profile and change your Role to the Role that they want you to now have.

They can also demote you to a Flex Agent by clicking on the Demote to Flex button. (Note, the new Billing Administrator can also go and make updates to the number of licenses if needed. Our system will automatically pro-rate the licensing fee for you and apply the credit to your next month's invoice.)

If the previous Billing Administrator left your company: support can help! Use the "Email Us" form at the bottom of this site and provide us with the following information:
  1. ​The website address of your site
  2. The email address and name of the Agent you want to be the new Billing Administrator (this person must be an existing Agent on your Desk site)
  3. The last four digits of your credit card on file
  4. The amount of the last Desk charge against that card.
  5. The billing address on your site.
Once we receive that information, we'll make the change to your site's Billing Administrator for you.