Setting up an Email Inbox

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You can connect to all the email addresses that your customers use to contact you in your account and we'll automatically brings those emails in as filtered, prioritized cases for your team to work on and resolve. 

Add your Mailbox to

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Email > Inbound Mail+ Add Mailbox.

  1. In the popup, enter in the "From Name" for the mail box, the email address, and the password. 

  1. If it's a common email service such as Gmail we'll automatically fill in the server information for you after you click continue. If it isn't, you'll see the hostname fields for your incoming and outgoing mail server appear and you'll need to input the server information. If you don't know what your hostname or port numbers are, please contact your email provider. Desk support staff cannot provide this information to you.

Note: only supports the use of an IMAP mailbox. POP3 is not supported. You can contact your email provider to inquire if they can convert your mailbox from POP3 to IMAP. It does not matter if your mailbox is Gmail, ExchangeOutlook365 or any other type. As long as IMAP is enabled, you can connect your mailbox to Desk.

  1. After you've successfully added your mailbox, you'll be prompted with the option to import up to 1,000 of your emails in the existing account. All your imported emails will appear as open cases.

  1. After you've added your mailbox, you'll see it listed on the screen. will create or update cases for each email that comes into the mailbox. However, deleting emails in your mailbox will not delete email cases in Desk.

  1. If you'd like all cases added to a specific group upon creation, than from this screen, you can click on the gear icon and open up your mailbox settings and add in the default Group.

Advanced Configuration & Troubleshooting