Can I create a custom Status field?

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Often times, we come across scenarios in case management where the Status of the case is not open or resolved. It needs an intermediate status that implies its pending approval or if it has been escalated to engineering. With the default Case Status field in Desk, it can be challenging to work on cases where you need custom values like these. So how can we work around this?

Note: We cannot edit the standard Case Status field. We can however create a custom Case Status field to include status values that your organization may need. 

The default case status values that are used in Desk are:
  1. New: A case is brand new and has never been opened by an Agent
  2. Open: A case has been opened by at least one Agent
  3. Pending: When you have responded to a case but still awaiting a response from the customer
  4. Resolved: When your Agent is done working on a case
  5. Closed: This is a Read-only status that can be set using a Time Rule, after a case has been Resolved for a set number of hours
  6. Deleted: This is set when you have deleted a case, before it's been purged from your Desk site
As you begin working in Desk and handling your cases, you may discover that these values for case status do not align well with your company needs. Perhaps you want to create your own set of case statuses. You can achieve this by using a custom field for your case status. Not only can you create a custom field with custom status values, but you can also create rules that check these values or change these values when certain conditions are met. 

Let's take a look at how we can create this in Desk. 

To create a custom status field, navigate to Admin > Cases > Custom fields > Add field. 

Create the field of "List" type and add your custom values to this field. Here is an example of a custom Case Status field:

Now, to add the field to your layout, go to Admin > Cases > Cases > Next Gen Case Layouts and edit your default layout. Find the Custom Fields section to your right, and drag and drop the custom case status field on to your case layout.

Save your changes by clicking Update. Then, head over to your Next gen agent and open a case to see your newly added custom Status field.

You can choose to remove the Standard status field from the layout if you want to only use your custom status field, or you may want to keep both on the layout.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.