Removing an Agent

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Please Note: This requires you to be a Billing Administrator on the account.

When it comes to removing an Agent after they've left the company or moved to a different role, there's two ways to accomplish this.

Deleting the Agent profile:

You can delete the Agent's profile entirely by going to Admin > Team > Users > Click the trash can icon button to the right hand side of the Agent's name as below.

Then click the Red Delete button to remove the Agent's profile completely. 

Important Note: Deleting an Agent's profile will cause all the Cases that were assigned to them to become Unassigned. If you wish to report on Cases in the future which were assigned to this Agent, we would recommend appending a Label to all Cases assigned to this Agent before deleting the Agent profile.

Perform a Search for all the cases assigned to the agent before you delete them, then using the Bulk Editor, append a Label to those cases to mark those cases. If you do this before you delete an agent it will be easy to find their old cases just by searching for the label that you added. 

Demoting an Agent to a Flex Agent:

Note: In order to demote an Agent to a Flex Agent, your site must be on the Pro plan or above to allow for Flex Agents.

In some cases, this will be the preferred option to deleting the Agent profile entirely. The benefit of going down this route is that the Agent's Cases will not be reverted to Unassigned but you will still be freeing up a license count. The drawback is that the Agents profile will still remain in the Admin and after some time, it may become cluttered with past Agent's profiles.

To go down this route, go to Admin > Team > Users > Click on the Agents name > Choose the Demote to Flex Agent option as below.

You'll see a popup on screen prompting you to confirm.

Once you've done this, we would recommend you manually set a new password on the Agent Profile just to be sure the account cannot be accessed by anyone.